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[Up to 80% Off]RM38 Onilne/Offline One-On-One

Bahasa Malaysia/ Mandarin/ English Lessons
for Kids Aged 4 – 12 years old

One (1) Comprehensive Assessment & Professional Consultation [worth RM150] + One (1) Lesson, only RM38. Upon signed up YelaoShr® One-on-One Bahasa Malaysia/Mandarin/English Lessons (*with minimum 3 months term payment), your kid is entitled for Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) coaching programme for FREE* (original fee RM400) every weekend!

Attn: This offer to you is going to expire within the next 2 hours!


While the pandemic impacts continue into 2021, it shall further exacerbate the disparities in literacy performance between children who continue the online learning and those who do not.

Basic literacy learning should be kept in progress. Extra resources are needed to reestablish the learning attitudes of children once it is interrupted intermittently. Therefore it is important to provide our children with sustainable learning experiences.

🔥 What if your child has nothing to do at home? Play mobile phone and watch cartoons every day?

🔥 What if you find out your child is not performing well in online class/ tuition?

🔥 What if you think your child is not as confident in learning as you did when you were a kid?

You may need to consider letting your child take an essential learning assessment. Let our professional educators help your child find out their strengths and challenges!


★ Aged 9 – 12 years】1-to-1 Primary School Chinese & Malay Language Foundation Building & Enrichment Program for Children Aged ★


The Mandarin/ Malay Language in primary school no longer remains at the level of learning basic words such as ayam, itik and arnab like what we learned once upon a time. When your child does not do well in exams, do you make him/her attend tuition classes to improve his/her grades? Is the unsatisfactory result caused by not understanding the lessons or actually the language used in the questions?


✔ Is tuition the solution to poor academic performance? Many children might be ‘slow’ in learning but they are not ‘stupid’. Making him/her to attend tuition is not the solution because your child does not have other options other than complying with your request. Do parents like us understand their real needs? On the contrary, we should improve their ‘learning pace’ rather than using derogatory labels like ‘stupid’ or ‘hopeless’ or simply blaming the teachers in school of failing to teach???!!!


How to save?Through our creative teaching approach, we re-train and help children to lay a solid foundation in Chinese/Malay language according to their level. Your child will still has time to remedy it in the elementary school, and they can follow it back by the middle school.

★ Aged 4 – 8 years 500-3000 1-to1 Chinese/English/Malay Words Recognition, Reading & Comprehension Programme for Children ★


Did you know? The above learning difficulties are almost the problems that most children face when they are in the first or second year of elementary school! However, to get to the bottom of it, it is because at the age of 5/6, the foundation of word recognition and reading was not well established. The main reasons are due to insufficient of teaching manpowers in the kindergarten, lack of professional training, the needs to learn many and complicated learning subjects and lack of professional training models for literacy and reading, etc.;


According to experts, children aged 3 – 6 years are in their golden period of learning. They learn the fastest and the most during this time. Their brains are akin to a blank disc, ever ready to absorb new information. To your child, memorizing is not a burden but a biological necessity. Thus, it is important to harness this potential during this period so that your child can learn to master about 2500 common Chinese/Malay words, i.e. the vocabulary needed in the primary school syllabus.


Therefore, we should not miss this window of opportunity. Through our learning programmes, we ensure moms like you have peace of mind during this foundation period. Children will learn to complete their homework independently. And you might even be amazed by the surprises that await you! Many parents are indeed delighted by the progress and have come to thank us because their children between the age of 4 and 5 years old are able to read effortlessly so much so that these parents can’t help to take pride in their children!


Children absorb knowledge like sponges absorbing water. Their ability to reproduce the knowledge they have acquired often surprises and surpasses our expectation.

Upon Official Enrollment On The Month of 1 lesson taken: FREE YelaoShr School Bag and T-Shirt

Today, to help you harness this potential, we are giving you a special offer for our one-to-one Mandarin, Malay as well as English programmes so that your child can experience the fun and unique learning at YelaoShr®. This offer is valid at all 60 centres nationwide. (This voucher can only be purchased online. The voucher offer is limited)

Suitable for Kid(s) Aged 4-12 | #MCO Special Offer

Malay Language / Chinese Mandarin / English (choose 1 language) + By this Voucher, you will get this add-on benefits: One (1) Comprehensive Assessment & Professional Consultation [worth RM150] + 15% Rebate on Lesson Fee*

* Parents must arrange for children to attend classes within two months (60 days) at centre or ONLINE. With other terms and conditions applied.

Upon Official Enrollment On The Month of 1 lesson taken: FREE YelaoShr School Bag and T-Shirt

Procedures of buying the voucher:-

1. Purchase the voucher by clicking the below “Buy Now” button.

2. Book an appointment via the online form

3. Full assessment will be provided and arrangement of lessons will be discussed and confirmed. That’s all, happy learning!

Course outline

○ Introduction to basic Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia or English

○ Comprehending suku kata, ejaan, tatabahasa, and general reading in Bahasa Malaysia

○ Cambridge English Vacabulary & Phonics Foundation Programme

○ Identifying 100 to 3,000 Mandarin characters

Valid at

Sri Petaling [SP], Sg Besi [SG], OUG [OUG], Bukit Jalil [BJ], Ampang [YAP], Setapak Danau Kota [DK], Wangsa Maju [WM], Sri Damansara 7 [SD], Kepong Rimbunan [KP], Bandar Menjalara [BM], Sungai Buloh [SB], Jalan Ipoh Taman Mastiara [MT], Selayang [SJ]

Alam Damai [AD], Taman Segar [TS], Cheras Selatan @ Balakong [BL]

Taman Equine [TE], Bukit Serdang [BS], Puncak Jalil [JL]

Bandar Kinrara [BK], Bandar Puchong Jaya [YBP]

Mahkota Cheras [MC], Sungai Long [SL], Kajang Prima [KJ], Semenyih [SY], Sungai Chua Pearl Avenue [SC]

Ara Damansara [AR], Damansara Jaya [DJ], SS2 [SS2]

USJ 21 [USJ], Putra Heights [PH], Subang Jaya [SS14], Kota Kemuning [KK], Setia Alam [SA], KLANG Taman Eng Ann [EA], KLANG Bukit Tinggi [BT], KLANG Parklands [PL], KLANG Bandar Bukit Raja [BBR], KLANG Banting [BA]

SABAH Kota Kinabalu [SKK], SARAWAK Kuching Bormill [RKC], Kuching Saradise [RSR], Miri [SMR], JOHOR Nusa Bestari [JNB], JOHOR Mount Austin [JMA], JOHOR Batu Pahat [JBP], JOHOR Kulai, PENANG Alma [PAM], BUTTERWORTH Teras Jaya [PTJ], PERAK Ipoh Pinji Seni [PPS], Ipoh Sri Ampang [PAP], Ipoh Botani [PAP], Ipoh Bercham [IB], Taiping [PTP], N.SEMBILAN Seremban 2 [NSR]

Click here to see full list of branch addresses and maps directions.

MCO/CMCO | One-on-One Coaching (Offline or Online)

○ Parents who do not have a YELAOSHR branch center in their living area can choose online teaching. If they subsequently want to formally enroll a child for a long-term online course, the current main focus is on Chinese language teaching, and other courses will be reopened one after another.


○ Parents who have a YELAOSHR branch center in their area of residence can also use online / offline methods for their children to experience the 2 lessons of this coupon during the MCO period. In the future, if you want to formally enroll your child in a class, please arrange for your child to go to a nearby center to study offline. If it is not possible to arrange children to study at the center, you can ask the center supervisor if the center has long-term online courses. All course arrangements are based on the center’s teaching situation. Offline courses are the center’s priority courses.

* Term & Condition Apply:

⁍ Redemption period: within 60 days after the purchase of this voucher. Online ZOOM parenting consultation and your child learning assessment can be arranged!

Click here for online one-on-one coaching FAQ

⁍ You need to make an appointment in advance to get to the center. Please make an appointment at least 3 days in advance.

⁍ All 1 lesson of languages foundation programme must be completed within 2 weeks from first redemption. For immediate redemption, click here to book an APPOINTMENT.

⁍ Please bring along your child for the appointment with proof of payment.

⁍ The voucher is only valid when purchased prior to appointment. It is null and void after appointment. Hereafter parents can only acquire the lessons for their children at the stipulated normal price.

⁍ The voucher is only valid via online purchase. On-site purchase at branches is available at the original price of RM290.

⁍ The offer is limited to one (1) voucher per child aged 4 to 12 years for first-timer only. Not valid for parents who have purchased the voucher before and existing students in our centres.

⁍ After the 1 lesson is completed, they will be offset in the number of officially enrolled courses. Example: After registering for 8 lessons and offset 1 lesson, there are only 7 lessons left in the month.

⁍ Parents may select lessons from the following 4 standard time slots:

Mon-Fri: 2pm – 3:30pm, 3:30pm – 5pm, 6pm – 7:30pm, and 7:30pm – 9pm

Sat: 9am-10.30am, 10.30am-12pm, 12pm-1.30pm and 1.30pm-3pm

Remark: These lesson slots applicable to physical class at branch, each branch lesson slots may vary, depending on the branch working hours. Online class each lesson duration is different compare to physical class. Branch person in charged will explain to you when you sign up for online class.

⁍ Select one centre from our 60 branches. No change shall be allowed upon selection.

⁍ No physical voucher will be given or delivered. Voucher payment proof displayed on Android and iOS devices are accepted.

⁍ Please check your email account for payment receipt from MC Payment as proof of payment.

⁍ Please print or display the MC Payment payment receipt in the email for verification at the selected centre.

⁍ Purchase will be reflected as MC Payment in your credit card or bank statement.

⁍ Any cancellation must be done in writing (e.g. email), we do not accept cancellations by telephone or in person. Cancellation will charge a 5% admin fee.

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Parents‘ 5 STARS Reviews

Julia Julia
Julia Julia
Read More
I can't find the right word to describe my experience and gratitude to the team @Yelaoshr Bkt Jalil. It is kindness, care, passion, thoughtful, patience, all in. My child has gained better Chinese characters recognition and command of Bahasa from the 1:1 session, an achievement possible with the guide and education from Yelaoshr.
Thivyaa Moneygupam
Thivyaa Moneygupam
Read More
Yelaoshr is a centre to learn education without feeling the pressure to adopt what teacher is teaching.Because they have their own techniques which kids really enjoy to learn and improve their knowledge.Even after tiring school hours kids excited to attend the class.Im glad to find out a learning centre which is teaching knowledge at the same time kids enjoy the studies without getting stress.
Ruth Lee
Ruth Lee
Read More
My girl joined Yelaoshr since P1 and has has shown great improvement in English and BM, from no confidence / don't know how to read to able to read out story books aloud. Thank you @Yelaoshr Sri Petaling for your dedication and patience!
Choy Yee Yi
Choy Yee Yi
Read More
My daughter attended English and Mandarin classes since ~4yrs old, and now she's 6yrs old. She also started Malay lessons about 1 year ago. I'm very happy with her progress ever since her enrolment. Teachers are very patient and dedicated. Kudos to Teacher Doris who manages the centre so well! 👏 Thank you @Yelaoshr Kuching Bormill.
Vivian Tan
Vivian Tan
Read More
My second experience with YLS. First kid attend at SsTwo Yelaoshr at aged 6. Now my second daughter is with Yelaoshr Ara Damansara. I like their teaching system and assessment. And they will also keep me inform that the progress of my girls. No regret to send my girls there. Highly recommend to all parents #yelaoshrteam